Highland's dogs are bred for working ability, trainability, and sound comformation. Guaranteed!
"Get a heel Willow"
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"Juno" was my favorate Border Collie Ive owned. She was a
outgoing, pushy, friendy dog to say the least. Juno is 110% all heart.
A very natural, stylish worker, with lots of bite on the head and heel. She has trialed sucessfully on sheep and cattle. Juno could ALWAYS get the job done, and with great enthusiasm! 
  She is Jack Knox//Ralph Pulfer bred. Her son is
"Drako" a ** Whisp son.  She is no longer with us.
My "everything" dog. He was a "Z' Pepper son.
He is a foundation dog of my breeding program.Walkup power, will head or heel. I've worked this dog on everything! He was gritty as they come, and yet has a mild mannered disposition. He also was a therepy dog.
His reliable,  agreeable attitude was a  pleasure to work
  with at trials or on the farm. I have two of his grandsons. Wyatt & Taurus.  
Rolo, a dark chocolate and white,Border Collie/ Kelpie cross. ( Foundation Dog)
Her sire was a son of "Paint,"who's placed in the Border Collie Nationals twice.(A Glen Jones "Ladd' son.) Her mother was a ranch bred Kelpie by "Z" Pepper. A compact dog with a calm tempermant. Shes a patient and serious worker. Also a K9 good citizen certified. She is no longer with us.
A small athletic smooth coated Border  
Collie that has a "
can do" attitude. A stylish efficient  worker, eager to listen. She never has met a person that she did not love!
Her sire is Robin Nuffer's "Rob" and her
dam is "Lockeye Brooke."
adore this dog and her talent. She has a brilliant tempermant.
Certified K-9Good Citizen.
Sold to Geese Management, PA