Highland Kennels Border Collies and Australian Kelpies.
Breeding for working ability, temperamant and sound comformation.
Gadzook, 3/4 fawn Kelpie, and his boy!
  Vancouver, Wa
(503) 998-9354
MahKai---Whisper  son
3/4 Kelpie puppy.
Juno puppy.
Tending the flock.
Wild ,a Rolo and Whisper female.
Here are some photos of dogs from Highland Kennels.
Rolo and Moon..
Moon, working.
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Counting sheep.
Mad cow. Mad dog!
Tucson, 3/4 Kelpie 1/4 Border Collie out of Rolo.
Happy dogs at the farm!
"Willow" Purebred fawn/tan  Kelpie.
"Broom" Border Collie by Drako and Moon.
"Lark" registered Avenpart  Kelpie.
Always thinking!
Always willing to help...
"My dogs are bred to work sheep and cattle to maintain what they were originally bred to do. It is just as important to me to also maintain a calm, social temperament, and physical soundness. I sell to approved agility,working or companion homes. Started and trained dogs for sale occasionally. Let me know what you are looking for."

"Osha" keeping it together.